TechKnowGram work with Pleiades Group to Implement Construction ERP with 4IR Technology Facilities

TechKnowGram work with Pleiades Group to Implement Construction ERP with 4IR Technology Facilities

Construction ERP for Construction Group of Companies Pleiades Group, one of the leading Bangladesh-Japan joint ventures in the country, has taken automation initiatives with TechKnowGram Limited ( through the implementation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Technology ERP to bring more dynamism and efficiency to their work. A memorandum of understanding MoU was signed on July 15 at the Pleiades Group Bangladesh office at Gulshan. Md. Zubair Akhter Chowdhury Rony signed the agreement on behalf of Pleiades Group and Mr. Ahmedul Islam BABU, Managing Director and CEO signed the agreement on behalf of TechKnowGram Limited. Senior officials of both organizations were present at the signing ceremony. Through the implementation of this construction ERP, Pleiades Group will be able to complete its construction works in Bangladesh with greater transparency and efficiency.

construction erp

Construction ERP software is a specialized web-based enterprise resource planning solution system designed to meet the needs of construction companies. These systems can handle general suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, financial management, inventory, bank loan tracking, HR, project management, construction accounting, payroll, and all other activities in one dynamic web-based central database. Implementing state-of-the-art 4IR tracking systems in inventory systems will provide instant information on stocks of different stockyards, ensuring optimal use of the material. Budget and utilization variants can be easily monitored through project management, making project implementation possible at a minimal cost. With these software analytical tools, project profitability can be reduced quickly and easily. Material Pilfered and Loss can be reduced through Inventory Control Module. Auto income statement and balance will be created through this in the accounting module. It will be possible to increase the work efficiency of the employees through the Human Resource Management Module. Employee salary statements will be easily created through the payroll module. With Approval Automation, documents will be transferred from one department to another very quickly, so that all customer and supplier services will be available quickly.


Above all, the subject-based Central DashBoard will be able to provide up-to-date information to top management at all times, enabling the board to take decisions easily and plan its actions accordingly.


Pleiades Group is a Japanese non-Bangladeshi investment company in the construction industry in Bangladesh since 2010, which is completing major Japanese construction sites in Bangladesh.


TechKnowGram Limited ( is a leading ICT solutions provider in Bangladesh that utilizes IT talents in Bangladesh at an affordable cost with expertise and experience. TechKnowGram Limited has over 25 years of experience in outsourcing and offshoring in the ICT industry, with over 25+ years in Japan, Europe, and the US market. It already has partners and clients, including Japan, the United States, India, Malaysia, Sweden, and Canada. TechKnowGram Limited has a proven track record in exporting skilled manpower and ICT products to Japan. TechKnowGram Limited also working for both Japanese and Bangladeshi investors/companies to help their business, invest & projects in Bangladesh as well as in Japan.

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