How TechKnowGram IT can assist you?

How TechKnowGram IT can assist you?

We live in a day and age, where Technology & IT-based problems are increasing more and more each day. As an answer to this, companies like TechKnowGram and more are taking the helm and providing an answer to these questions. TechKnowGram Limited is a prominent one that manages to stand out among the thousands of companies that already exist.

TechKnowGram is an ICT-based company that lives up to its name by providing solutions to problems regarding Custom Software Development, Android and iOS based Applications, Artificial Intelligent AI, Virtual Reality VR, Augmented Reality AR, Web-based Solution design & development, and so on. TechKnowGram is an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified company thus they can be relied upon to make products for their customers. TechKnowGram’s prominent software that TechKnowGram Limited crafted for Bangladesh Armed forces for their Synchronized Enterprise Resource Planning ERP solutions and Bangladesh Air Forces Academy for their Information Management System IMS. In this COVID Pandemic situation, Companies arranged their Annual General Meeting AGM with TechKnowGram Online Platform and also organized & perform their share distribution efficiently and professionally, Efficiently Digital Patient Management for Doctors and Laboratories, ERP for Constructions Management Companies, and also ERP from Motor Workshops.

TechKnowGram Management has a huge experience in Global and Local markets for the last 25 years. Leaders who run TechKnowGram have more than 25 years of experience in Bangladesh and the Global market especially in Asia Especially with Japan, Africa, Canada, the USA, and European markets. TechKnowGram has some good activities for Bangladeshi Companies to get work in Japan market, Skill Human Resources & Students to Migrate to Japan and Malaysia. TechKnowGram also helps with their professional services to Japanese Investors and Companies for their secure and profitable investments. To organize this TechKnowGram Limited organizes business guide tours often.

In short, all the above things tell us that TechKnowGram is a versatile company that teaches us-the more you know, the more work you can get!

The Recent News is TechKnowGram Limited signed a contract with Pleiades Group for using 4IR Construction ERP. This news is published on many online news portals. Here is the link:

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