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Enterprise Resource Planning ERP

TechknowGram Limited have its own oneself ERP solution which can be customize for any business entity, especially Construction Industry, Education Manufacturing, Workshops & RMG industry. This ERP developed & support with newest 4IR Technology.

Virtual AGM Platform & SMIS_TechKnowGram Limited

Virtual AGM Platform & SMIS

TechKnowGram is committed to implement an end-to-end web-enabled Virtual AGM Management Platform to simplify the entire AGM Process from pre-to-post meeting to facilitate shareholder participation and further necessary services.

Cyber Security & Monitoring_TechKnowGram LImited

Cyber Security & Monitoring

TechKnowGram is providing different kind of world renowned Cyber Security Solutions & Services to protect from any kind of Cyber threats. It has successfully done solution design & implementation  for several financial institutes, Govt. & corporations.

Custom Solution Development_TechKnowGram Limited

Custom Solution Development

Analysts & Developers of TechKnowGram Limited love creating application and tools to solve your specific business issues but, our first job, as creative software specialists, is to listen you. We want to hear about your business challenges so that we can help you to solve them.

Skill Migration_Education_Investment to Japan, Malaysia & Canada_TechKnowGram Limited

Skill Migration_Education_Investment to Japan, Malaysia & Canada

TechKnowGram Limited working for Skill Migration, Investment & Higher Education for Bangladeshi personnel to Japan, Malaysia & Canada. We have 1000+ Japanese Known personnel’s CVs for Japan market and the Japanese company in Bangladesh.

AI_AR_VR_Big Data_Robotics_IOT_TechKnowGram Limited

AI_AR_VR_Big Data_Robotics_IOT

TechKnowGram is a realizing different kinds of AI, IoT, AR, VR, Big Data, applications & solutions to meet the demands of 4Th 4IR Industrial Revolutions 4IR for IQ, education, and sense, risk prevention, advanced tech-enabled gadgets & solutions.