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Virtual AGM Platform

TechKnowGram is committed to implement an end-to-end web-enabled Virtual AGM Management Platform to simplify the entire AGM Process from pre-to-post meeting to facilitate shareholder participation and further necessary services. Virtual AGM Management are to ensure all shareholders have equal access to discuss and raise any concerns they may have. The following tasks will be incorporated from pre-to-post AGM Management:

Pre-AGM Tasks – 1(One) Week before AGM Date

  1. Prepare Shareholder Master Data (Folio + BO) with valid email and mobile number
  2. Ensure the Annual Report (PDF Version) sent to the shareholder through email.
  3. Create a Virtual Meeting Room with specific date & time for Annual General Meeting.
  4. Define a Host Control (Company Secretary or his nominated person).
  5. Circulate about the Virtual AGM Schedule through all Media.
  6. Circulate the Virtual AGM Link with credential to all directors, sponsors and shareholders.
  7. Prepare the Company Intro Video (TVC Clip) for Branding Purposes.
  8. Virtual AGM Management Orientation (3/4 Trial Sessions).
  9. Circulate about a helpline to serve the shareholder for better understanding.
  10. Speech Registration of shareholder who want to deliver speech during the AGM.
  11. Arrange a Live Streaming Process and broadcast to YouTube Channel.
  12. Take proxy against the valid shareholder.
  13. Agenda wise Voting Platform to cast vote electronically.
  14. Question and Comment Panel through Message Box.
  15. Reminder message to join the Virtual AGM through the email and SMS.

During AGM Tasks – Day of AGM

  1. Virtual Meeting Solution to facilitate all shareholders’ participation and
  2. accessible from any device (Computer, Laptop, Tab and Smartphone).
  3. Manage a meeting room with multiple participants.
  4. Retrieve/Play the Shareholder Speech (Recorded).
  5. Real-time vote casting (Agenda Wise) & result should be displayed instantly.
  6. Manage Question and Answer through the Message Box.
  7. Release the Live Streaming and broadcast to YouTube Channel.
  8. Capture the Audio-Visual Record – full-length of AGM Event.
  9. Voice Record Facility During the AGM.

Post-AGM Tasks – 1 (One) Week after AGM Date

  1. Audio-visual recorded file for submission of regulatory board (SEC, DSE, CSE, etc.)
  2. AGM Shareholder Attendance List (BO ID, Name, Share and Login Time)
  3. AGM Board Member Attendance
  4. AGM Other Attendance Report
  5. AGM agenda wise proposed-seconded summary report
  6. AGM agenda wise all proposed details report
  7. AGM agenda wise all seconded details report
  8. AGM All comments
  9. AGM All Voice

Post-AGM Tasks – Within One Month from AGM Date

  1. Cash Dividend Calculation and Data processing of all data
  2. Bonus (Stock) data Calculation & Sales Process
  3. BEFTN & Online Data Process for distribution of Cash Dividend
  4. BEFTN & Online Data Process for distribution of Fractional Dividend
  5. Data Process for Margin BO Account Holder for Cash Dividend
  6. Data Process for Margin BO Account Holder for Fractional Dividend
  7. Cash and Fractional Dividend Warrant Printing with MICR Encoding

Advantage of Virtual AGM Management

  • Cost effective
  • More flexible and Transparent
  • Time management
  • Global Participation
  • Management Development
  • Connect from Anywhere, Any Device