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VR(Virtual Reality)

Our available readymade VR solutions are Showcase services to potential customers in advance, Enhancing User Experiences, Boosting Sales from VR Marketing, VR tool for Content Based Marketing, VR Games and so on according to new demands.

Furniture Lab VR (Virtual Reality): Furniture Lab offers you to visualize virtual views of furniture and buy as per your preference. It helps to keep all items in a single showroom and observe it virtually. It will allow to imitate environment through simulation.

C3 Lab: C3 Lab provides you to color or coat your walls, floors, ceramics etc.

ArchViz Lab VR (Virtual Reality): ArchViz Lab aims to help people to their dwellings with architectural visualization in Virtual Reality. Individual can see the project before making it. It helps to observe the interior and exterior in detail. Individual can show finished and unfinished project through virtual reality.

Auto Lab: Auto-Lab helps people to have an experience of virtual test drives before buying their prefered car. It includes useful features like accessibility to rotate, move, resize, position and drive in a 3D appearance. It has options to take snaps and share with customer. It offers accessibility to change both exterior and interior parts of the product along with colors, size and shape. Thus, it is cost effective and time-saving for all.

VR Paint for Home Decor: VR painting solution for paint companies, where user can put available color shades/illusions to get a clear idea how it will look like in their room.